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"Coming together is a beginning,
keeping together is progress,
working together is success."


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Asiagem Asiagem

... is a company that works in close cooperation with physicians and researchers to develop and select its products, which are unique and efficient, but, above all, natural and in balance with our body and Nature.

We believe that the best way to show the true efficiency of our products is to offer everyone learns about ASIAGEM an unlimited number of free trials before the purchase.

To choose a product beneficial to our health, there is nothing better than trying it and being satisfied with its real effects. That’s what distinguishes ASIAGEM: people and their wellness are our main concern. Trying and re-trying a product will make it fit perfectly the needs of each person, just like a customized suite would do.

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Osare, mettendosi in proprio con un’azienda come Asiagem dà sicurezza e stabilità.

Esperienza e motivazione, che da decenni ormai contribuiscono ad accrescere la reputazione in campo nazionale e internazionale di Asiagem, sono le leve del successo.

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Our Team

Alexander Nicoletti

Alexander Nicoletti

Partner and director

Vanessa Nicoletti

Vanessa Nicoletti

Partner and director

Mauro Cataldo

Mauro Cataldo

General Director

Barbara Calò

Barbara Calò

Commercial Office Representative

Eleonora Martina

Eleonora Martina

Commercial Office

Paola Todisco

Paola Todisco

Import-Export and Foreign Relations Manager

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